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Nov 30, 2009

Mission-Impossible FOLK LPs = = = >> NEWS 4

Dear Friends, dear Followers, and also dear... opposers,
This blog exists since 10 days; my job brings me often away from home, and far from my Vinyl Hall, so the next 19 days I won't be online, except for some rare times, whenever I can get to a computer.
I open sometimes other blogs and see how nice, how cured they are, while here, everyone can see that I’m not expert in building a space that, aesthetically at least, I can be proud of.
Despite 1000000000 things to organize, so far, I posted 20 LPs and 1 single, not much but enough just for a reasonable start. These assorted pictures that I made taking random LPs out of the shelves, can probably also be of help with directions for eventual things to search for.

Visitors keep legitimately asking for PWs: as I said, hoping that meanwhile no Inquisition Army comes to shut my blog down, by the 10 of December I’ll give you the link to a file that explains the method to detect the PWs, for each LP.
Since I started this blog, I came to discover something new that found me unprepared… Considering the requests that often come, I should start a second blog, I should name it Prog-Impossible, I guess...
Visitors write me asking for LPs that I can’t even imagine that they don’t exist anywhere… Buried masterworks that apparently no one cares for!.... Moreover, so many people fill their mouths with names of terribly, explosively rare albums, in order just to show off ‘something’, while they don’t even know of 100s of other splendid albums (not enough '"rare", though, for them!), which since 30/40 years have stayed under everyone’s eyes…! I have the impression that a certain “knowledge” is nothing but fictitious, the “house that’s built on the sand”, as is said in the Bible.
Of course, a person who knows 100 % everything doesn't exist, but it’s necessary to know that what is tremendously rare, or even UNIQUE, not always is also grandiosely beautiful. And on the other side of the medal: often some wonderful albums are available to everyone, but because they’re not FAMOUS or rare enough, nobody looks for them. Weird? Yes, but true: the other day, out of curiosity, while I was taking these album pics, I did a search on 2 or 3 LPs that I have, and I was shocked when I saw them on sale online, for prices ranging between 5,50 to 9 dollars each !.... Incredible, musical jewels that would deserve to be sold at the same prices that a Madonna-fan would pay for an used handkerchief of her dog!... Bizarre is that some sellers lower the prices, and the result is the same :-))  
In so many years, I heard generations of improvised experts talking like - 
“If the price is low, it must be c##p!”, people twisting their nose if an album has not enough "fame" of being a must for collectors, so fundamentally, it's a mentality that's not new to me.
However, doesn’t matter, I’m out of it all, and by this blog’s existence, I intend to make other people participate, for the price of nothing, of splendid creatures that otherwise would have remained probably buried forever. Whoever loves this, follow me. In the opposite case …. not my business.


So I leave you now in good company of a lot of music, which awaits for nothing but being released from the shrines and discovered :-) – I’ll come alive for this kind of Christmas present in advance.

A happy time is wished to you all

Hugs from your Dame Vanessa :-)))


GHERA said...

Dear Vanessa Thank you for your Blog, It is very interesting. I usually visit the blog Time Has Told Me, and I have found the notice of your new blog. I have download from you The Irish Rovers and Ian Campbell Folk Goup Album, very genial the PW ENIGMA... I have detected it, It was really right before our eyes
Bye Ghera - Italy P.S. Thanks for Equipe 84

Niall said...

Hello from Dublin,Around here if you were sitting on the crown jewels,we would make a serious attempt to dislodge you of same....but as you are a music blogger(sharing music with like minded souls)...well enough said.
Geting your jollies off on these poor souls frustrations is pretty poor entertainment,and the crown jewels you hold are only made of from Ireland.


Blackmask said...

Well, Niall, apart from the love you send at the end, let me be frank to you: I’m sure you know the motto “pearls before swine”. Now, if you really mean that all those LPs are glass jewels, your destiny is really the one of impersonating the part of that pig which the Bible refers to. And remember that no one asked you to come here and download my LPs. You are just one of the (too) many who didn’t read my profile, where I explain the reasons why I MUST use the PWs for this first period. Nothing more and nothing less.
Love en retour, have a nice evening – Dame V.

Blackmask said...

Dear Ghera, sei per caso italiano? Non son sicura d'aver capito bene... Write me again and give me your email address, I won't publish it ;)E bravissimo for the maze!

A presto, ciao - Vanessa

maeshyfryd said...

Do you really imagine that anyone thinks that Niall is anyone other than yourself ????

Blackmask said...

LOL Maeshyfryd! Among your usual garbage, this time you really do something good, you make burst out laughing! Apart from the fact that I'm not English-speaking born, that I'm not able to write with Niall's elegance, and apart that I had to call a good friend of mine in Adelaide to let myself be translated the "jollies off..." expression, remember that Niall is registered as Niall and it would appear the discrepance on my blog if I was him!

Anonymous said...

Always BLA BLA here.

Blackmask said...

You're ryte, Anonymous, you're right... But from now, not anymore, don't worry.

Arthur said...

I just found your blog and am very sorry to read about the abuse. However, that kind of person is their own reward, don't imagine for one moment they are happy, fulfilled or even intelligent!

However, the music, oh wow!

I will be back when I have more time

Blackmask said...

Yes, please, Arthur, come alive again, write me something nice and for sure we'll become friends :-)))
Next time, however, please post a comment on the most recent post, it's easier also for you :-)
Thanks for your kind message, but I anyway don't feel anymore like excusing or justifying idiot people: I did it too many times in the past and what I picked was just more and more brutality and blind rudeness from them.
So, now they get what they deserve.
Friends are hard to find *smile*
One kiss from Vanessa

Arthur said...


Arthur again. Have been travelling with no connection.

Here for 2 days then gone again so will break again