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Nov 25, 2009

TREES - Live (Hablabel, recorded 1971)

I can't remember exactly when I bought this LP, it must have been in the late 80s, the time of its first release. But there's something interesting now to notice for you collectors: not long ago, a CD was released "TREES - The unreleased third album demos 70-71", supposed to be the abrupted third album of this group. Actually this CD,  made by a certain Mr. DAVIESSI, is a fake: what he did, was -
1: simply to take all the songs included on THIS  LP (foto above),
2: to make a lot of 'fadein's and 'fadeout's at each start and end of each song, 
and 3: to make a new beautiful packaged CD (the graphics is splendid!). 
In two words: all the songs on the CD have heads and feet CUT away... Mamma mia... ! This Daviessi is a music-murderer, certainly not a collector!... So, my friends, if you come across the CD pictured below, and you also already own the LP shown above, avoid yourselves the toil to buy the CD: coz the songs are EXACTLY the same, and - more important - ENTIRE!
 We can assume that these live recordings are easily datable 1971, after "On the shore". Despite the so-n-so quality, it's once again a very beautiful album, original and catchy melodies with Chuck Fleming's violin often on the front line.

The two splendid official albums of Trees, "The garden of Jane Delawney" (left) and "On the shore", both released in 1970 and both on CBS  (not much fantasy, isn't it?)

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