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Nov 26, 2009

Mission-Impossible FOLK LPS = = = >> NEWS 3

Dear Friends, dear Visitors (in certain cases, the 2 cathegories are joined),

 I am sure that everyone noticed that I added a short motto on the picture on my opening page.
This can be of enormous help for you all, for the search of the passwords.
My plan is to wait more or less till the 10th Dec, as I explained.
But for those who want also to try another way, I tell you: there IS another way
It's no use slamming the door and feeling grudgy. If somebody of you knows
"The purloined letter"by E. A. Poe, he/she will know exactly what I mean.
After all, what is the nick I chose for myself?

Read carefully, my Friends and Visitors... and you will find what you look for!
It's everything lying there, waiting for you to be discovered... an ancient city under the sand... BLACK sand, of course :-)))))


The first who broke the temple veil!

He's the second who managed to solve the riddles:

The third in the row of the enigma-crackers!

see their  messages below, comment section

However, this trick for encrypting files was a suggestion from my friend Franz - it's him the responsible LOL

 Tomorrow is one week since I decided to fling myself inside this crazy enterprise, that only CRAZY people like me (and like any other blog-leader) can decide to do :-)
I want to repeat one thing: the main reason why I decided this was the extreme rage and disappointment for seeing CONTINUOUSLY things like "the file was removed", "violation of service terms", "ERROR", "the link is dead" "too many times downloaded", etc etc ..... and because of a huge frustration at reading comments of visitors asking: "can you re-up this, please please please?" while nothing was ever happening...
I stomped my Boots on the floor, I hit my fist on the table, I shouted "SCHLUSS!!" (means Stop it!!) - and here I am now. The first one who was (and STILL IS!) curious to see what would have happened, is ME - LOL - - I use a server (Mega) that usually doesn't give you stress of any kind, this was the principal move.  Also Badongo is very good, but it dozn give you the statistics in real time, which is something important for me to know, so thank you, dontcalluswewillcallyou. And now, well, let's see what comes, rain or shine... 
There's only one thing I hope it'll never happen: that one day, for some not yet known reason, I must regret having decided to start it all. That's why it's important and rewarding to receive comments... Well.... (ahem!...), to tell the truth, is rewarding to receive GOOD comments :-)))) But nevertheless, a "bad" comment can be always welcome, yes, of course! - But at one condition: that it's CONSTRUCTIVE, and not simply something tending to disregard and disrespect the huge work of the blog-leader!

Have a nice day,
Your Vanessa :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello vanessa,

very good blog and very work, good albums very rare.
i read your profile but, why passwords??

Dom (from france)

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Dear Dom, it's necessary to wait - more or less - till the 10th of December.
At that time, if nothing wrong happened, all PWs will be given
Anyway, Dom, remember: sometimes, what you look for is right before your eyes....

Tschüss, your Dame Vanessa

ray531 said...

Hi Vanessa,
Still trying to find the PW. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward till 10 Dec to put me out of my misery

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Hello to you, Mr. Ray
Be tough, don't lose hope... give yourself one chance more.... It's everything lying there, waiting for you to be discovered...
Kiss, your Dame V.

fripouille said...

hi vanessa,
but i tried to find the password that i have not found. I go every day on yuor site and wait...

maeshyfryd said...

Why ? Just post the password. People will not bother coming back to your site because there are plenty of other sites without silly little riddles. Your choice of course .....


'Impossible' Blackmask said...

@ Alfie: apart from the fact that the 97% of what I post is not anywhere else to be found, you can bet that i just FK don't care if other people go to download stuff from other sites, and please, let it be YOU the first who leads the parade, got it?
And you can use "silly" for some other close member of your honoured family.

Alan said...

Dear Vanessa, If people can't wait until the 10th then they don't truly want the great offerings you are putting up.

I haven't cracked the password yet, but I sure as Hell keep trying. Frankly I'm ENJOYING the challenge..... at least I think I am LOL

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Alan, dear Friend, sometimes it takes to desire strongly something... As to the chalenge, I see we are similar in this, I too LOVE challenges like enigmas, mazes, etc :-)

Nevr give up, kiss

Dame V.

Alan said...

Yahoo, I'm in. The answer was surprisingly simple.

Being a crossword and puzzle enjoying person, I was looking far to deep, and wasting all my lateral thinking for a good month at least LOL.

This just underlines the maxim read everything carefully!! Thanks Vanessa for a interesting few hours puzzling.

PS: - The albums are pretty good too, looking forward to some of the ones you have highlighted as going up soon.


'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Dear Alan, if you - like me - love enigmas, listen: you'll be happy to know that a new challenge is waiting for you, there's also a second place where all PWs are, together. But this is much more hidden than the one you discovered, and it's a completely different kind of searching method. I give you a clue, which should put you on the right path: "never neglect what you don't like". Scan again everything, scroll everyting, this time you don't need any help from any 'technical instrument'... think about it...
Waiting ;)


Manila said...

Hi Vanessa. Just wanted to say your blog is wonderful! So much rare stuff. Thank you very much for your efforts. And I love the way you deal with the moaners!


'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Dear Manila, hello to you!
Well, yes, rare stuff for rare people, who can appreciate it, & if others start to moan, their loss :-))
Thank you for being my friend!

Kiss, your Vanessa :-)

maeshyfryd said...

Not moaning - just think it's a little childish/seeking attention/power crazy to play these sort of games. If you want to share - share. If not - don't.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Mr. Maeshyfryd, I'm glad that the tone of this message is much better than your last time, please carry on so, I don't tolerate intemperances.
Let me inform you that between black and white there's always grey... Maaaaany maaaaany shades of grey (you know that sweet Monkees song?).

And moreover: there are people who like mazes and enigmistic games, so what ? Childish is the way you name them? How comes that only two of them, among these hundreds of visitors, managed to get the trick? Are they "children", for you? And has "CHILD" - for you - the same meaning of someone impaired in his mind???

Wishing you a nice evening,
Your V.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

For you , Maeshyfryd, the Monkees, "Shades of grey", from their LP Headquarters, one of my top favourites of my CHILD-hood

Anonymous said...

Hello all from Gurnemanz

maeshyfryd, please, at this point, why don't you even say - "I suspect that there's nothing at all inside those F**** folders!!!" - huh?

Cheers, Gurnemanz

maeshyfryd said...

Sod this for a game of hopscotch. I really can't be bothered and the albums are frankly not exciting enough to merit wasting time searching for a "PW" for an album that Gurnemanz points out may or may not contain music. So see you later and I suspect the tone of this message exceeds the level of tolerance of "intemperances" that you tolerate. Which also means you won't post this comment.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

I just don't like comments where insults fly, especially when not motivated. Otherwise, people are welcome here, and it's your case as well, as you can see.

The gentle Mr. Lizardson decided to publish everything he receives. As to me, I often think about it, cause I didn't imagine that the blog would have this "spreadsheet", but many times there are too many people asking the same things so I just publish one message that's valid for all. Also important, is the fact that the more post you load on one page, the more the computer works slow on that one page, and this is something I must try my bset to avoid! It's a matter of technics, not of sympathy for a visitor or not.

If you don't like a thing, no one obliges you to buy that thing. You don't like the Eagles, ok, you don't HAVE to buy the Eagles. And apart from this, no one here asks for your money, Mr. Maeshyfryd.

After all, if my "policy" is not comprehensible to all, allright, doesn't matter to me anyway.
Nobody pays me for what I did so far.

There are people who show me that what I say IS comrehensible and legitimate. You're not one of them, ok, amen.
Once the Grand Peter Hammill, whom I had the honour to meet 6 or 7 times, after a concert (it was surely 1977, coz "Over" was just released), told me "Doesn't matter if the audience is not big, who cares for pom-pom girls, it's enough for me that there's one or two people who love what I'm doing for them, and I'm the happiest man of the world"

- I guess that Gurnemanz meant all the albums of the blog, not just a specific one. I don't find excess in his message.

Did you like the Monkees?

I'm not one who 'shares' or 'not-shares': I share in-between :-)))

Bye - Vanessa

maeshyfryd said...

Sorry - but that reply makes no sense at all!

Anonymous said...

pues sin password esto no vale nada de nada