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Nov 25, 2009

HARVEY ANDREWS - Brand new day (in concert) (Polydor, 1980)

Harvey Andrews in concert.  Doesn't seem that this LP has been reprinted on CD.
Simply fabulous versions of Margarita and Boothferry Bridge, lots of good-mood talk...  :-)  - - I own this LP since 25 years and still today, almost everytime, when I pick my guitar, I play Margarita, I really need it... 


Innocent Bystander said...

Dear Vanessa

Great start to your blog - congratulations.

Cover art for "Brand New Day" at the following link:

Track listing is as follows:

Harvey Andrews, guitar, vocals;
Geoff Bodenham, guitar, backing vocals

Side 1
Friends of Mine
We-In Berning'm Part I
We-In Berning'm Part II
Gift of a Brand New Day
Song for Phil Ochs
Side 2
Boothferry Bridge
Long Ago, Far Away

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

I'm grateful for your congratulations, Mr. Bystander, thanks also for the detailed infos, I wish somebody here would do the same for the titles of the songs inside my RAR.files... :(((
Surely one day I will have to reconstruct the whole archives and give all details to you, my visitors...
See you soon :-)
Dame V.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your efforts Vanessa - I much appreciate your time and efforts.

There are some real gems here!


mandustrian said...

although the pw game may be a bit...silly... thank ya heartily for all the great music here!

Margarita, as sung in this concert, is an absolute masterpiece. song art doesn't get any better...

mandustrian said...

..& a bit of hair||splitting -- more precise tracklist, side 1:
1. (Introduction)
2. Friends of Mine
3. We - In Berning'm Part I
4. Unaccompanied
5. We - In Berning'm Part II
6. Lullabye + 7. Gift of a Brand New Day [1 track]
8. Song for Phil Ochs
9. Volendam

Paddy Purcell said...

All hair splitting aside I've always wondered as to how come "Unaccompanied" was never picked up by many other singers as I always found it a really powerful song.

Paddy Purcell Dublin