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Nov 26, 2009

TOMMY MAKEM - Listen... for the rafters are ringing (CBS, 1972)

Unfortunately Tommy left us two years ago.
I intend to post more things of him and the Clancies


Innocent Bystander said...

Dear Vanessa

As you did not object to my earlier interference, here is a link to the cover:

Track listing is:

Side One
That Land I love So Well
Lord Of The Dance
Skye Boat Song
Derby Ram
The Drunken Sailor

Side Two
Bonny Laddie, Hieland Laddie
Come By The Hills
Paddy Kelly's Brew
Casn't Kill Cooch
The Liar

and label details:

1972—BARD BLP PM 110B LP (US)
1972—Columbia CBS S 64481 LP (UK)
Columbia ES 90081 (Canada)LP

Keep up the good work. I am downloading now - so looking forward to trying to crack the password!

justme said...

well, the "trick" to get the password from Harvey Andrews doesn't seem to work on this one. Drat and darn. the olde brain is malfunctioning today, so i doubt i'll figure this one out anytime soon! Maybe just have to wait until Dec. 10, and hope file is still around. take care and all the best.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Thank you so much again, Bystander! How stupid I was, I wrote 1963 for great Tommy, I was surely misled by other things while writing - of course, it's 72!!

Mr. Justme, please, listen: be sure that it's not your brain, is just that each album has a different PW. In the case of the 2 Harveys, I assumed that if the people see that one Pw is 1980, they will also deduct that this works also for the other Harvey LP. But the PW changes everytime. Anyway, sure the file stays here. Howver: if in the next days something happens and this blog gets shut down, you will have to refer to Graaf and Alex, each of them has a blog, and they both managed to solve the maze.
Otherwise, write to Franz, he's the one who had the ideas.

Kiss for now, your Vanessa

Justme said...

duh? Thanks for the tip the pw aren't all the same. looked a bit more, and sure enough ... thar it were! :-)))

Brendan said...

Any chance of a repost?

Blackmask said...