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Nov 30, 2009

Mission-Impossible FOLK LPs = = = >> NEWS 4

Dear Friends, dear Followers, and also dear... opposers,
This blog exists since 10 days; my job brings me often away from home, and far from my Vinyl Hall, so the next 19 days I won't be online, except for some rare times, whenever I can get to a computer.
I open sometimes other blogs and see how nice, how cured they are, while here, everyone can see that I’m not expert in building a space that, aesthetically at least, I can be proud of.
Despite 1000000000 things to organize, so far, I posted 20 LPs and 1 single, not much but enough just for a reasonable start. These assorted pictures that I made taking random LPs out of the shelves, can probably also be of help with directions for eventual things to search for.

Visitors keep legitimately asking for PWs: as I said, hoping that meanwhile no Inquisition Army comes to shut my blog down, by the 10 of December I’ll give you the link to a file that explains the method to detect the PWs, for each LP.
Since I started this blog, I came to discover something new that found me unprepared… Considering the requests that often come, I should start a second blog, I should name it Prog-Impossible, I guess...
Visitors write me asking for LPs that I can’t even imagine that they don’t exist anywhere… Buried masterworks that apparently no one cares for!.... Moreover, so many people fill their mouths with names of terribly, explosively rare albums, in order just to show off ‘something’, while they don’t even know of 100s of other splendid albums (not enough '"rare", though, for them!), which since 30/40 years have stayed under everyone’s eyes…! I have the impression that a certain “knowledge” is nothing but fictitious, the “house that’s built on the sand”, as is said in the Bible.
Of course, a person who knows 100 % everything doesn't exist, but it’s necessary to know that what is tremendously rare, or even UNIQUE, not always is also grandiosely beautiful. And on the other side of the medal: often some wonderful albums are available to everyone, but because they’re not FAMOUS or rare enough, nobody looks for them. Weird? Yes, but true: the other day, out of curiosity, while I was taking these album pics, I did a search on 2 or 3 LPs that I have, and I was shocked when I saw them on sale online, for prices ranging between 5,50 to 9 dollars each !.... Incredible, musical jewels that would deserve to be sold at the same prices that a Madonna-fan would pay for an used handkerchief of her dog!... Bizarre is that some sellers lower the prices, and the result is the same :-))  
In so many years, I heard generations of improvised experts talking like - 
“If the price is low, it must be c##p!”, people twisting their nose if an album has not enough "fame" of being a must for collectors, so fundamentally, it's a mentality that's not new to me.
However, doesn’t matter, I’m out of it all, and by this blog’s existence, I intend to make other people participate, for the price of nothing, of splendid creatures that otherwise would have remained probably buried forever. Whoever loves this, follow me. In the opposite case …. not my business.


So I leave you now in good company of a lot of music, which awaits for nothing but being released from the shrines and discovered :-) – I’ll come alive for this kind of Christmas present in advance.

A happy time is wished to you all

Hugs from your Dame Vanessa :-)))

Nov 28, 2009

COB - Live at the Old Ash Tree, Kent (private label, rec. 1972)

This live concert surfaced on LP about 20 or 25 years ago and it was the only time I saw it on vinyl. Precisely, I found 2 copies, one with insert, the other without, and I bite my hands today that I didn't buy them both, but "my pockets were full  green" (*see footpage note).  The concert must in any case have toured the world, cos I remember of a collector who once told me he has a CD of it, found a few years ago at some record fair in Hungary. Anonymous cover sleeve, anonymous label, only an insert inside with this picture and song titles. The band here seems to give more attention to percussive possibilities. Three new songs including the two  originally issued on single only (Blue morning / Bones) and the final wonderful "Nile roses". Shame, "Sheba's return" is cut and "Lion of Judah" is incomplete, it was surely the end of the original tape. It's likely that the band was planning a third album... But it never saw the light.
Recording quality not too good, but not even too dreadful.

And anyway, hey, people,
come on ..... it's the COB...!


Song titles:

1. I told her
2. Music of the ages
3. Bones
4. Sweet slavery
5. Wade in the water
6. Bright eyed one
7. Scranky black farmer
8. Blue morning
9. When he came home
10. Spirit of love
11. Intro/ The lion of Judah
12. Nile roses

COB's two glorious albums: "Spirit of love" (CBS, 1971 - left),
and "Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan lancers of the sacred heart" (Polydor Folk Mill, 1972 - right), works created under the production of an absolute Grand, Ralph McTell.

CBS and Polydor labels

* (quote: Ralph McTell, "From Clare to here", lovely song, soon to appear here, promised!!).

So, now  I wish happy listening to GRAAF, ALAN and GHERA, the three Password-Maze Heroes!
Kiss, Your VANESSA :-)))

Nov 27, 2009

OBERON - A Midsummer's night dream (Acorn, 1971)

- - - - - - COMING SOON - - - - -

This original copy you see served for one of the bootleg editions that years ago was made (the 2nd maybe).
On some copies, the labels were originally hand-painted, (same as it happened for LPs like the "Armadillo", "Shiva's headband", "Round the edges" etc), but on the bootleg the drawing you see wasn't reproduced.
I found this LP in the early 70s by a Dutch girl who said she was the owner and she didn't like it, so I said - "Hey, sell it to me, I love flute music" (there's a piece of no less than Debussy for flute, end of side A), and she said "ah ya you're the one of the classical music hahaha", so I paid her more or less the equal of a Coke. Three weeks later she called me whimpering that actually "her" LP belonged to the dog of the neighbour of the boyfriend of the granny of the aunt of some--#*$§&--body else there, and - to make it short - she needed to get it back...!
Well, I think you can guess my answer, and anyway, I'm afraid that this copy was in any case doomed to serve as the new wallpaper for some dog-house in some Amsterdam garden.. or as a litter box for coke cans...
Now he lives happy and safe at his place on one of my shelves.

It's likely that this LP is also posted somewhere else across the blogs, I don't know.
In that case, I won't post my copy

RICHARD DIGANCE - Two Transatlantic albums in 1974

Two Richard Digance  albums after our friend Karel's request :-)




Both on Transatlantic, both in 1974
While being in a hurry making the RAR-package, I forgot to insert a PW to the second of these LPs - LOL

(*) quote: the final words - written by William Blake - of the song "Jerusalem"

Nov 26, 2009

TOMMY MAKEM - Listen... for the rafters are ringing (CBS, 1972)

Unfortunately Tommy left us two years ago.
I intend to post more things of him and the Clancies

Mission-Impossible FOLK LPS = = = >> NEWS 3

Dear Friends, dear Visitors (in certain cases, the 2 cathegories are joined),

 I am sure that everyone noticed that I added a short motto on the picture on my opening page.
This can be of enormous help for you all, for the search of the passwords.
My plan is to wait more or less till the 10th Dec, as I explained.
But for those who want also to try another way, I tell you: there IS another way
It's no use slamming the door and feeling grudgy. If somebody of you knows
"The purloined letter"by E. A. Poe, he/she will know exactly what I mean.
After all, what is the nick I chose for myself?

Read carefully, my Friends and Visitors... and you will find what you look for!
It's everything lying there, waiting for you to be discovered... an ancient city under the sand... BLACK sand, of course :-)))))


The first who broke the temple veil!

He's the second who managed to solve the riddles:

The third in the row of the enigma-crackers!

see their  messages below, comment section

However, this trick for encrypting files was a suggestion from my friend Franz - it's him the responsible LOL

 Tomorrow is one week since I decided to fling myself inside this crazy enterprise, that only CRAZY people like me (and like any other blog-leader) can decide to do :-)
I want to repeat one thing: the main reason why I decided this was the extreme rage and disappointment for seeing CONTINUOUSLY things like "the file was removed", "violation of service terms", "ERROR", "the link is dead" "too many times downloaded", etc etc ..... and because of a huge frustration at reading comments of visitors asking: "can you re-up this, please please please?" while nothing was ever happening...
I stomped my Boots on the floor, I hit my fist on the table, I shouted "SCHLUSS!!" (means Stop it!!) - and here I am now. The first one who was (and STILL IS!) curious to see what would have happened, is ME - LOL - - I use a server (Mega) that usually doesn't give you stress of any kind, this was the principal move.  Also Badongo is very good, but it dozn give you the statistics in real time, which is something important for me to know, so thank you, dontcalluswewillcallyou. And now, well, let's see what comes, rain or shine... 
There's only one thing I hope it'll never happen: that one day, for some not yet known reason, I must regret having decided to start it all. That's why it's important and rewarding to receive comments... Well.... (ahem!...), to tell the truth, is rewarding to receive GOOD comments :-)))) But nevertheless, a "bad" comment can be always welcome, yes, of course! - But at one condition: that it's CONSTRUCTIVE, and not simply something tending to disregard and disrespect the huge work of the blog-leader!

Have a nice day,
Your Vanessa :-)

Nov 25, 2009

HARVEY ANDREWS - Writer of songs (Cube, 1972)

The album cover, this time I took it from some other website (lazy Vanessa)    ;)

ARCHIE FISHER - Will ye gang love (Topic, 1976)

HARVEY ANDREWS - Brand new day (in concert) (Polydor, 1980)

Harvey Andrews in concert.  Doesn't seem that this LP has been reprinted on CD.
Simply fabulous versions of Margarita and Boothferry Bridge, lots of good-mood talk...  :-)  - - I own this LP since 25 years and still today, almost everytime, when I pick my guitar, I play Margarita, I really need it... 

TREES - Live (Hablabel, recorded 1971)

I can't remember exactly when I bought this LP, it must have been in the late 80s, the time of its first release. But there's something interesting now to notice for you collectors: not long ago, a CD was released "TREES - The unreleased third album demos 70-71", supposed to be the abrupted third album of this group. Actually this CD,  made by a certain Mr. DAVIESSI, is a fake: what he did, was -
1: simply to take all the songs included on THIS  LP (foto above),
2: to make a lot of 'fadein's and 'fadeout's at each start and end of each song, 
and 3: to make a new beautiful packaged CD (the graphics is splendid!). 
In two words: all the songs on the CD have heads and feet CUT away... Mamma mia... ! This Daviessi is a music-murderer, certainly not a collector!... So, my friends, if you come across the CD pictured below, and you also already own the LP shown above, avoid yourselves the toil to buy the CD: coz the songs are EXACTLY the same, and - more important - ENTIRE!
 We can assume that these live recordings are easily datable 1971, after "On the shore". Despite the so-n-so quality, it's once again a very beautiful album, original and catchy melodies with Chuck Fleming's violin often on the front line.

The two splendid official albums of Trees, "The garden of Jane Delawney" (left) and "On the shore", both released in 1970 and both on CBS  (not much fantasy, isn't it?)

Nov 24, 2009

IAN A. ANDERSON - Assorted Village Things

Dear visitor / Friend, while you 're reading this, three "random"
Village Thing albums are now waiting for you on a server...


ROYAL YORK CRESCENT (Village Thing, 1970)


Be quick with getting them, they might PRETTY SOON be obscured by major forces....

Your Dame Vanessa ;-)

Mission-Impossible Folk LPs = = = >> NEWS 2

Hello friends, please don't miss to read my profile, there are some explanations about policy and passwords.
I'm here as a Blogger since not even 3 days, I managed to post 10 albums, and my Megaupload account tells me that people have downloaded more than 350 times my files.  Where are these people?  Apart from a small group of Gentlemen, I must sadly notice that all the others didn't even bother to write a quick note.
Three of my regular visitors reported me about a peregrine (I try to be as less prosaic as I can) comment that a certain Charles has posted on another blog, with absurd and contradictory statements about my blog and the way I generally deal.   So, I received a number of comments here, of people answering (certainly not so positively) to this Charles, but their emails of protest (which were first sent to the original blog forum) haven't been published by the blog-leader, Mr Lizardson, and today we understand that it was not his fault, unfortunately a big bulk of post doesn't reach the receiver... For those who may be interested, there's an exchange of messages in the post section, but fundamentally I decided not to give course to this debacle, I'm a pacific woman and I just wanna keep running my modest blog in love, peace and mutual respect (to quote our friend Lizardson).

Perhaps, I'd better make this blog of mine (where I pour a lot of my energies), private, so that only invited guests can access, and not people who show disinterest and neglection for the burden I take.
In this case, I'm very much grateful to the enlightening comments of Mr. Janisfarm!
Thank you, and thanks to the Gentlemen Gurnemanz, Hagen, Franz ans Semperes for their support!
A special greeting for MR. Lizardson once more.
Here you can write comments if you want, and you're welcome to do it, but I'm
not often online (practically only on weekends), not much time to answer.
I removed completely the 2 albums of Frankie Armstrong after a visitor told me that they both are
still present in other blogs. If you search through Captain Crawl, you'll surely find them.
I was thinking to upload the scan of my vynil LP of FUCHSIA (Pegasus 71) because I heard the CD version and I found that "Me and my kyte", a song I  ADORE, lacks the instrumental intro.
I was also thinking to upload my vynil LP of Chicken Shack, "OK KEN" (Blue Horizon 68) because, again, on the CD reissue, ALL those funny dialogues are MISSING !! well, wot the FK.. !
But this is supposed to be a FOLK - directed blog, so, what do C. Shack have to do...?
Waiting for suggestions from you, visitors & friends.
By the way, the list of the CD reissues where the music, in some points, is NOT faithful to the original LP issues, would be long: if you listen CAREFULLY to McDonald & Giles, The
alchemist (by Home), Formentera lady, Shoot out at the fantasy factory, etc, you will notice that I am right ;) - - Not mentioning all those "TWO LPs in ONE CD", lots of MISSING tracks, see Living in the past, Vital (by VDGG), Recorded live (TYA), and those Fruupp, and Supersister reprints, etc etc.... GOSH!

Stay in tune :-)Your Dame VANESSA

Nov 23, 2009

DAYLIGHT - Daylight (RCA Victor, 1971)

This is an excellent album, with unfortunately a huge defect: that at the half of side A, in the middle of a spelndid song, the group stops and ... the drummer (no less than Tony Carr) has no better idea than producing himself with a looooong solo...  Self-commenting....
Marvellous arrangements and lovely woman singing, by Chrissie Quayle, also present in the sessions of COB's 1st LP, "Spirit of love" (CBS, 1971).
Listening to the music, you get more and more the idea that this LP would have been perfect for the RCA Neon series :-)))

IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP - The circle game (Transatlantic, 1968)

An album from the Campbell family titled after the Joni Mitchell song, many nice tunes, some covers.... and the boat goes on

FOREST - In concert (recorded 1971, semi-authorized)

The Foresters of Walesby in concert, after their second album "Full circle" (for me an absolute chef d'ouvre!), in a kind of transition period where also electric bass and drums are added. Anyway, not all the songs are really recorded before an applauding in-real-time audience: you can easily hear often that certain clapclaps are added later, artificially, especially because of the wrong equalization.

JOHN JAMES & PETE BERRYMAN - Sky in my pie (Transatlantic, 1972)

Someone told me that this LP is also present somewhere else across the blogs, but also that the recording quality is miserable.  Therefore, I guess that there should be no problems to open the cage: the PW is Transatlantic
And here, instead, you're ensured to find a very good vynil rip, enjoy!

IRISH ROVERS - The unicorn (Decca/MCA, 1967)

A bomb album by the group founded by William Millar and Jimmy Ferguson.  Can anybody stop these people? Still today they set audiences on fire...!
Of this great album, there's been an American reissue in 1973, on MCA, (cat. Nr: DL-7 4951), which some rare times I've seen surfacing, last time say 30 ys ago...

Nov 22, 2009

LUDLOWS - "The wind and the sea" (PYE, 1966)

This fabulous album was issued with two different overs. The original was on PYE, the second on Marble Arch (PYE Records used often to do so, just check all those reissues of Kinks and Donovan). Oddly enough, the song lists and the order differ: two songs more on the "group sleeve" version, including more extended liner notes by Joe Kennedy. I always loved the song "Ten thousand miles". The Ludlows learned it from the Australian duo Lyn & Graham McCarthy in 1964 (in the next future, I will also post this gorgeous album, "Way up from downunder", EMI Columbia 1964). The song "You were on my mind" was covered with huge sucess by an Italian group, Equipe 84 (see at the bottom of this page). The man on the right is Jim McCann, who released two solo LPs, the second of which was "McCanned!", for the glorious Polydor Folk Mill, 1972, and went eventually to join the Dubliners. On the cover notes he tells where the group name comes from, "The Ludlow massacre", a Woody Guthrie song.  Both my copies are Mono.  I don't think there was ever any stereo....

ALEX CAMPBELL - In Copenhagen (Polydor 1965) [LP rip, @ 320]

 A nice album by the "big daddy of folk music" (as he was named on the LP he did together with Tannahill Weavers) Alex Campbell (1925 - 1987), precisely the seventh.

As I said (altho it seems that some people didn't bother to read), I need to wait awhile before releasing PWs, more or less a couple of weeks.

Nov 21, 2009

SPIROGYRA - "Bells, boots & shambles" (Polydor, 1973/2310 246)

The album of the albums
THE masterwork:

"Bells, boots & shambles"

I know very well, this is an LP you also can find elsewhere, but I couldn't leave my blog without its presence... :-))).... In London, in 1976, I was lucky to find all 3 LPs and the "Dangerous Dave" single, for not even 1 Pound each! This album represents a piece of my heart...... and don't be fooled by the various bootleg vynil reissues: Bill Bruford and Dave Stewart have NEVER played on this Capolavoro. In the folder is also included a scan of the back sleeve (the original, not one of the reissues!), where also Dolly Collins is quoted. The biggest part of these extraordinary arrangements comes from her.

MIKE COOPER - Trout Steel (Dawn, 1970)

- - ->> HERE

Dear Friends:
It will rarely happen that I upload cover arts, the same for informations, especially none of those copied-n-pasted comments from encyclopedias, music guides, internet sites etc. etc. that belong to other Authors. I simply don't have the time for these things, but here are the ALBUMS, and this is what matters most, especially if you - like me - prefer not to know anything that can sway you from the focal point which is and must remain the MUSIC.

This is Mike Cooper (1942 -)'s fourth album.


Stay in tune :-)

Nov 20, 2009


FIRST DAY, 20 November o9

First post, first attempt, just a TEST

here is a nice aria!

ANTONIO VIVALDI - Orribile lo scempio
(aria from the opera "Tito Manlio")

Probably nobody of you, visitors is interested in Classical music. However,
there are times that it's useful not to neglect what we don't like.
I wish you a nice time with so much great music that is going to be posted.
I'm sure you're going to visit "me" again in about 20 days from today..., till soon!!

Your Dame Vanessa :-)))