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Nov 28, 2009

COB - Live at the Old Ash Tree, Kent (private label, rec. 1972)

This live concert surfaced on LP about 20 or 25 years ago and it was the only time I saw it on vinyl. Precisely, I found 2 copies, one with insert, the other without, and I bite my hands today that I didn't buy them both, but "my pockets were full  green" (*see footpage note).  The concert must in any case have toured the world, cos I remember of a collector who once told me he has a CD of it, found a few years ago at some record fair in Hungary. Anonymous cover sleeve, anonymous label, only an insert inside with this picture and song titles. The band here seems to give more attention to percussive possibilities. Three new songs including the two  originally issued on single only (Blue morning / Bones) and the final wonderful "Nile roses". Shame, "Sheba's return" is cut and "Lion of Judah" is incomplete, it was surely the end of the original tape. It's likely that the band was planning a third album... But it never saw the light.
Recording quality not too good, but not even too dreadful.

And anyway, hey, people,
come on ..... it's the COB...!


Song titles:

1. I told her
2. Music of the ages
3. Bones
4. Sweet slavery
5. Wade in the water
6. Bright eyed one
7. Scranky black farmer
8. Blue morning
9. When he came home
10. Spirit of love
11. Intro/ The lion of Judah
12. Nile roses

COB's two glorious albums: "Spirit of love" (CBS, 1971 - left),
and "Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan lancers of the sacred heart" (Polydor Folk Mill, 1972 - right), works created under the production of an absolute Grand, Ralph McTell.

CBS and Polydor labels

* (quote: Ralph McTell, "From Clare to here", lovely song, soon to appear here, promised!!).

So, now  I wish happy listening to GRAAF, ALAN and GHERA, the three Password-Maze Heroes!
Kiss, Your VANESSA :-)))


Alan said...

Hey Vanessa, Why are you calling me Alex now?

If you want to call me Alex... feel free, as long as you keep posting gems from your wonderful collection LOL

Regards Alan

Blackmask said...

Ohh I'm so sorry, my dear friend!! :-))) I was lost among a lot of things while typing, please excuse me :-)) And send me your email address, don't forget! Hey, did you resolve the second enigma? it's special for you only GGG

Kiss from your Vanessa

Brother Logic said...

Does anyone know the password for this - I would dearly love to hear this record

Blackmask said...

Dear Brother Logic,
the PW was:


Enjoy the album and write again sometimes, always welcome!

Countess Vanessa

Anonymous said...

can you re-up? thanks!

Blackmask said...

ahhh, it was so long ago that I posted this LP, after cleaning the sound from the vynil, editing the tracks, giving them the right names...
No my friends, i can't re-up this album, I'm afraid that somebody around might still own the copyright.
This album came out on vynil, you can see the original cover clicking on this link, where I also added photos of COB's two official albums, on CBS and Polydor, not taken from the CD reissues, but from my original copies, as always happens in this blog:

Cheers to everyone, happy viewing

Your Countess V