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Nov 27, 2009

OBERON - A Midsummer's night dream (Acorn, 1971)

- - - - - - COMING SOON - - - - -

This original copy you see served for one of the bootleg editions that years ago was made (the 2nd maybe).
On some copies, the labels were originally hand-painted, (same as it happened for LPs like the "Armadillo", "Shiva's headband", "Round the edges" etc), but on the bootleg the drawing you see wasn't reproduced.
I found this LP in the early 70s by a Dutch girl who said she was the owner and she didn't like it, so I said - "Hey, sell it to me, I love flute music" (there's a piece of no less than Debussy for flute, end of side A), and she said "ah ya you're the one of the classical music hahaha", so I paid her more or less the equal of a Coke. Three weeks later she called me whimpering that actually "her" LP belonged to the dog of the neighbour of the boyfriend of the granny of the aunt of some--#*$§&--body else there, and - to make it short - she needed to get it back...!
Well, I think you can guess my answer, and anyway, I'm afraid that this copy was in any case doomed to serve as the new wallpaper for some dog-house in some Amsterdam garden.. or as a litter box for coke cans...
Now he lives happy and safe at his place on one of my shelves.

It's likely that this LP is also posted somewhere else across the blogs, I don't know.
In that case, I won't post my copy

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Anonymous said...

#Laughing# Well, Vanessa, you too have some good stories to tell! And you saved that LP from a terrible destiny!