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Nov 25, 2009

ARCHIE FISHER - Will ye gang love (Topic, 1976)


Paul the Stockman said...

Hello Vanessa,
It's good to see persons such as yourself making the effort to share their otherwise-unavailable music. Keep up the good work.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Dear Paul, good morning to you, welcome to my Vynil Hall!
I often visited your blog, I appreciate a lot your way of writing, your elegant statements, your "souveraine" style... I followed that discussion with the family of the concertina man, I was curious to see where would have landed... Also because of that, today, I walk very carefully through this field full of mines. People like you can understand me very well!
Thank you for the incredibly rare albums that you generously share with us!

Let me tell you that it's a honour for me to see you here and to guest you as my follower.

Till soon, cheers from your Vanessa :-)))

Vane said...

Good album thanks

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Thank you too, dear Vanessa, my God, what a wonderful name you have! Would you send me an email add? we might stay in contact, xxx
Dame V.