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Nov 25, 2009

HARVEY ANDREWS - Writer of songs (Cube, 1972)

The album cover, this time I took it from some other website (lazy Vanessa)    ;)


tomatodon said...

Vanessa, you are so charming and oh so clever. Your cryptic ways send me into ecstasy. It took me a while to figure you out but it is worth it. Don't ever stop.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Bravo Tomatodon, compliments to you! It's YOU, the clever one, not me! :-)))) Isnt'it a great satisfaction, to be able to get the trick by ourselves?
Kiss, your Dame V.

justme said...

finally, finally - got the pw figured out ... had to hear "soldier" .... must say, worth the effort. thanks. looking forward to returning, especially for Clancy Bros. and Makem material. very interesting site, with potential, as they say.

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Happy for you, Justme (inspired by Clive Palmer?) - but hey, don't miss the chance to get your copy of Brand new day, where you can find a live version of "Soldier" :-))
Your Dame Vanessa

poopie_52 said...

Nooooooooooooo. The link doesn't work. =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

Blackmask said...

Hello Poopie, come on, don't cry, just write me again and leave me your email address, and you 'll see, some miracle is going to happen, don't give up hope :-)))))

Till soon,
Dame Vanessa

Anonymous said...

I really want this album for my dad he is a big harvey andrews fan but the link is dead can someone please post a working link would be very grateful.