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Nov 24, 2009

IAN A. ANDERSON - Assorted Village Things

Dear visitor / Friend, while you 're reading this, three "random"
Village Thing albums are now waiting for you on a server...


ROYAL YORK CRESCENT (Village Thing, 1970)


Be quick with getting them, they might PRETTY SOON be obscured by major forces....

Your Dame Vanessa ;-)



A million thanks!!!

What is pretty strange to me is that IAN A ANDERSON does not like these albums as he had commented on time has told me blog sometime ago. Strange because in my opinion these albums are amazing (first 2 that i have listened to). What do you think?
BTW my most wanted from village thing is both albums from PIGSTY HILL LIGHT ORCHESTRA
Has anyone heard this albums?

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

A million welcome to you Janisfarm!
I too thought about that position of Anderson and - as evrybody else - I can only say what I personally like and what I don't, so if I was the one supposed to interpretate, I would say that his tehcnique of singing is not 1st class, the voice is often out of focus, an some song are extaordinary while others sound like fill-ins. That said, I'm happy to have all those things, that I didn't need to wait some 40 years from the original date of release before listening to them for my first time ;)
Bad news now: No, I personally don't have anything of the PHLO, but there's an old good mate of mine in Holland who has at least one, the only problem is that he's not able to transfer an LP to PC... We'll see, okay?
Thanks and Prosit,
Dame V.

Kadek55 said...

Ian A. Anderson is great! even if he doesn't want to know....

Thanks a lot!

The Netherlands

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

That's true, Karel! :-)
By the way, check your link where you were asking for R. Digance
There's a present 4 u
Dame V.

Vanessa 69 said...

Many many thanks

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Thank you too for your appearance, dearest Vanessa :-))
Whenever you like ... :-)

Dame V.

Eerowen said...

My dear Dame Vanessa, I stumbled upon this posting with great excitement, but alas I seem to be at a loss when it comes to finding access.

Could you let me know how I might be able to join yr inner circle?!?

Sincerely, half-proprietor of (the now-dormant) grown so ugly blog,


Blackmask said...

Hello dear Eerowen
yes, seems that those blogs are in a kind of lethargy, more or less like this of mine.
However, I am currently running another blog, you can find the links on my opening page. The way to get in contact is this: to write me again including your email address, and I'll forward you where you want to be. Till soon,

Dame V.