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Nov 22, 2009

LUDLOWS - "The wind and the sea" (PYE, 1966)

This fabulous album was issued with two different overs. The original was on PYE, the second on Marble Arch (PYE Records used often to do so, just check all those reissues of Kinks and Donovan). Oddly enough, the song lists and the order differ: two songs more on the "group sleeve" version, including more extended liner notes by Joe Kennedy. I always loved the song "Ten thousand miles". The Ludlows learned it from the Australian duo Lyn & Graham McCarthy in 1964 (in the next future, I will also post this gorgeous album, "Way up from downunder", EMI Columbia 1964). The song "You were on my mind" was covered with huge sucess by an Italian group, Equipe 84 (see at the bottom of this page). The man on the right is Jim McCann, who released two solo LPs, the second of which was "McCanned!", for the glorious Polydor Folk Mill, 1972, and went eventually to join the Dubliners. On the cover notes he tells where the group name comes from, "The Ludlow massacre", a Woody Guthrie song.  Both my copies are Mono.  I don't think there was ever any stereo....


Gurnemanz said...

Hello Vanessa - I just saw your nice blog (and also these amazing photos - is it you?) Tell me please, the Wayfarers you have are those on Polydor, who sang "Follow drink gourd" (or something alike) ?! If yes, I would pay gold to have them back. And the Daylight, is the group with the woman who sang on the 1st COB album? thanks, you go girl!

'Impossible' Blackmask said...

Hi Mr. Gurnemanz, all the answers are YES - LOL! The lady is Chrissie Quayle who also sings on the title track "Spirit of love". She's the author of what I consider the most beautiful song on the Daylight LP, "How it feels to fall".
Yes, the Wayfarers LP is named "On the way", released on Polydor in 1965, and the song is called "Follow the drinking gourd" (hey, wot a good memory you have). You will see this LP soon here. I also have the USA Wayfarers, "Live at the Hungry I", but it's another group. And again, yes, it's me in the pics ;) I love boots, as you can see ;)
Keep in touch, ciao, Vanessa