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Dec 5, 2009


(Maeshyfryd is a real paladin, he really believes in justice - Thanks to him we are ensured
to live in a better society soon - Read all about his HEROIC enterprise!
He's become famous also for being the ONLY ONE left outside without the PWs, thanks to his brutal idiocy)

1 December 2009 - Maeshyfryd writes:
"I think that - like me - people are getting bored of your rants and puzzles. Everyone looking on here is just interested in freeloading - illegally - music. That's the way it is. It's wrong but that's what these sort of blogs are about. I - like many others - don't want to spend time reading rants as I have a life. I want free - illegal ! - music. "


6 December 2009 - Maeshyfryd writes: 
"Do you really imagine that anyone thinks that Niall is anyone other than yourself ???? "

and also:
7 December 2009 - Maeshyfryd writes:  "(... ) People like you who publish - illegally - albums for freeloading scumbags to download is sick. You can attempt to justify it but you can't. It's no different to going to my local HMV and stealing something from the shelf. It's theft whichever way you look at it. And people like you promoting illegal blogs are the worst. So think about that the next time you take money from the pockets of people like me. Your blog has been reported !! "

VANESSA writes:

I too am a musician, I too live on this. Far from me to steal your "music", Maeshyfryd.
You're too immature to impress one like me, but it's not a matter of age:
your destiny is in any case the one of never growing up to become a man.
A few days ago you were shouting that you DEMAND  to have illegal music for yourself.
And today you declare that we're all sick coz we give away illegal music
You understand now, why I called you schizophrenic?
We all couldn't expect anything else from one such as you.
Compliments for your last move, to call the Auto Da Fe' (the Inquisition's public witch-burning system)
It's the same people who are gonna kick you in your teeth, the next time
that they catch you busking in the street, you know?
Did you ever see Alice's restaurant?
The portrait of the police is not certainly something that they can be proud of ;)
Find that FKK doctor, and cure yourself. It takes one to cure one.

Dear Everyone reading this,
I’m not here to post new albums, coz I already posted everything that so far I had loaded up on the servers. I'm away from home where my Hall of LPs is, so no uploadings more till end of next week.. Since the first day that I decided to give birth to this blog, I started to receive emails (mainly anonymous) full of insults, of underground WC slogans, full of explicit porno abusing comments, full of pure and unjustified 100 % wickedness. I didn’t want that my blog was under any abuse-alarm, therefore I decided to publish just some of them, and in some cases I even attempted to establish a dialogue with the… “authors”, in order to fix a certain normality balance, but in many – too many – cases, I had to realize that it’s a lost battle. A well without a bottom. It looks concretely like that there’s a whole population of sex maniacs, graphic maniacs, serial sloshed, serial thugs, serial stronts, pure-race-addicts, drowned in upside-down mythologies, etc, rushing in and out internet, a web inside the web, and the only way out for so many of them seems simply to spit their liver splinters out by scribbling-scribbling idiot, slimy, filthy emails to me, probably because I’m a woman, or whatever else the reason is, I will never know. Probably is the same population who crack their mind’s overdriven “creativity” to build a new virus every day. I’m not talking about you all, but nevertheless I refer to a good 80%, unfortunately, of my visitors… I've been away for 6 days now,
and the usual flood of sh## emails didn’t stop.

As I said on my profile: I’m neither an old woman nor am I a college girl anymore, anyway I have a certain experience of life. But after these 15 days, I see now how little did I know about the way these people manifest their extreme, their blind obsessed egocentrism… Here the subject is not the music anymore, I talk about humanity… What is there existing, that lies boiling-boiling-boiling,
deep deep down in the roots of their souls…? I have no courage to imagine…
Therefore, what to do at this stage? So far, working on this Folk blog of mine has meant pledging a lot of energies, and I had to steal a lot of time away from work, sleep, friends, family and other assorted activities that all together give regularity to the life of a person. Nobody shares the blog with me, I don’t have collaborators, I don’t have contributors, no secretaries, no helpers of any kind, FokImpossible was/is a creature of mine and I am alone to run it.  Even now, while I’m loading this on my page, I’m caught between the hammer and the anvil because time is running out…
I will decide it in the next days about what’s the best solution to it all.
Dear Friends, thanks for your emails of answer in these few days, it’s been beautiful to receive smiles and good comments and encouragements! Now, if I decide to carry on with this blog, ok, otherwise everything will be directly transferred under the “command” of my good friend Franz, he has good muscles for such a thing!  Maybe is not clear enough from my previous request, but I ask also the addresses of all you Followers, in addition to the Friends. You know who you are 
I was saying - thank you to all!, of course I cannot, and I must not, publish your mails because each contains a private email address, and for the moment, because of work commitments, I can’t unfortunately answer to everyone privately, but these are some excerpts of your messages, which I try my best to give a collective feedback to.
Very much enlightening the comment of Donnatv

Hi Vanessa, I was very sorry to read your remarks regarding the comments you've had. It is one of the reasons which has made me wary of running my own blog. The albums you post are appreciated and I know the work that is involved in posting stuff. Thank you for what you have done.  (:::)  Whatever you decide please let me know if you decide not to continue this blog.

I thank you, dearest Donna, because I really didn’t know about the existence of those spaces where a blog can be placed! Also Janisfarm has given me notice of some of them: 
Dear Tomatodon, yours is a nice email too, it must be published:

Dearest Vanessa I read your message and felt great sorrow for the horrors and abuses directed at you. I can only imagine the filth that has been hurled constantly from some people. I read a good deal of stuff on the net, a lot of it politically related, opinion articles and just plain reporting, and unless the site is heavily managed there is invariably far too much filth of the kind you describe. And it seems that this kind of attack is growing, getting more prevalent, more exposure all the time. The low life, scum of humanity [if you can call them human] are growing in numbers or getting more bold. The manner by which some people express themselves is sickening. At times it has been directed at me and like you when I've tried to have civil communication with these vile animals it is met with nothing but a wall of hate and filth. It is their way of life. I cannot imagine them to be happy, contented in their personal lives. I would not want to walk around in their minds for a little while, to quote from a friend of mine, Vashti. I fully understand it may be your decision to discontinue the blog completely or at least transform it into by invitation only and make it difficult to locate. If that is what you do I would certainly wish to be part of it as you have given me a number of truly great bits of music, some of which I have wanted for decades. I've had a intense interest in [British] folk music since the mid 60s. I'd love to remain a part of whatever you transform into.

Of course we will stay in contact, dear Don 
Dear Karel, thanks for your “love” which soon will be returned, promised!
Two nice emails from Ghera and Fabio, two Italian friends, shame for those of you who don’t understand Italian, and please don’t bother using those terrifying online translators, otherwise you will get “illuminated small ducks” for “Luciano Pavarotti”, believe me!!

Dear Vanessa, Ancora complimenti per il tuo blog e di nuovo grazie per la buona musica,
quasi sempre introvabile che hai messo a disposizione
Un caro saluto – GHERA
Grazie caro amico, ho molto apprezzato anche le altre emails che mi hai scritto!
Cara Vanessa, è la prima volta che scrivo a un blog. Non potevo lasciare una signora da sola.Ti seguo fin dal primo giorno con passione, fin da quando THTM ha pubblicato il tuo link e non vorrei che te ne andassi. Tuttavia comprendo come ci si senta nel ricevere insulti inaccettabili. Ti sono vicino e ti abbraccio forte, Fab.

Grazie anche a te, Fabio, si sente già subito la differenza, non appena un italiano ti scrive, è una questione di feeling  ! Non abbiate paura, non sparirò, anzi...! In ogni caso, per ora quasi sicuramente chiudo tutto tra 2 o 3 giorni, lo dico solo a voi nel vostro idioma.  Poi però dopo, male che vada, il tutto verrà rilevato dal mio amico Franz, e allora lui sì che si saprà far intendere!
Dear Alan, I wonder why still you didn’t detect the second Enigma... ??
 it’s still there waiting for you...  - Thanks for your address!
Hi Vanessa,  I didn't put it in my previous post, but you can always count on my support too. I think all this crap you are getting is totally reprehensible, and frankly I don't see the point of it!!! If they don't like the place...DON'T COME HERE!!!!!!  -  Anyway, whatever you choose to do, you have my support, may it not come to quitting completely ... some of us enjoy the challenges as well as the music of course LOL  Best wishes for the future xxx  Alan
Dear Music Gatherer, thanks for your kindness, I’ll write back to you soon and I’ll come to steal something from your beautiful blog ;)
Hi Vanessa. Sorry you have been getting so many awful emails. I had no idea it was so bad. Anyway, to show my support and to keep in touch with you - Hope this is useful to you. – Kisses, Manila
Dear Manila, be thanked for your support - it is never too much :-))) Kiss!

Dear Vanessa: I'm a follower, and i'm sorry to learn that you've had to suffer such abuse. It's a great blog, though. Perhaps you should go private?  Thanks!  Richard
Dear Freg, yes, this is most likely what I'm gonna do. Thanks also for the love you bring to the Nature

And dulcs in fundo (Latin for "sweet at the end"),
a beautiful contribue from a good friend, Janisfarm:

Dear Dame V,   It is nice hearing from you again. First of all i have to express my gratitude for all your effords so far. You have shared some very beautiful feelings and made my weekend by some of your posts which i managed to find the passwords. I have to express eternal gratitude for these amazing albums (mike cooper, john james & pete berryman, alex cambel,ian a) and for all the positive and warm energy coming out from this place. i CAN feel the energy from the music and feelings you share and this is a meeting place for me.
I can undersatnd what you feel about the blog and it's friends and enermies. As i said before many good old blogers (like me) did stop blogging because of this reason. They wanted to share their love for music and generally their love to other people sharing familiar thoughts and feelings.AND LETS GATHER. The best way to do this is music, music which you feel and love. You don't need anything else you communicate directly from heart and soul.
The problem for most of us was the same. To much efford and to much problems for few friends and many many enermies or stupid people just saying bullshit, nothing to do with love and love for music. So the result was many abandoned blogs. Well i do understand this (i felt the same)but this was not good for the true friends that did gather by the time. The truth is that people that are indeed your friends do find other ways to communicate and do not get lost, but still it is very nice to have a common bloghouse where we meet and share our feelings. It is very nice to login somewhere once in a while and do find something posted from some friends soul and heart directly to your and other friends hearts. There were many days then when i was completely happy because i got so much love (through music) from people who know me only from the net, people which i never met LIVE. I do miss this feeling very much and that is why i like your blog and new efford so much. You are new to this blog game and i hope you don't get disapointed fast(although i think is most possible)
My opinion and best solution is a closed private forum with people of your choise. New people should enter when someone suggests them and others approve. Maybe additional rules are needed but this is something the forum community should decide. The most important is the choise of the members and their interest in participating.
Anything you decide i understand and support you (although i really want to dive into these jewels the are behind your veil in the cover photo). In case we get lost i want to thank you again for nice moments you shared with us here, moments which will continue to exist for ever ... every time i listen to these music.

I am happy to have friends like you - Thank you for your wise words,
definitely we won't get lost, till soon, your Dame Vanessa :-)

So now it’s time to go.
A big ‘Thank you’: to the Friends and Followers, for being Friends and Followers.
And also thank you to the others, who NEVER said “thank you “,
coz they themselves gave me the chance to distinguish them from the friends.
I’ll never know who they are, but for sure I won’t regret losing them.

Kevin Ayers sang once:
“Lovers come and lovers go, but friends are hard to find”

 Well, how true!.....

[quote from “Shouting in a bucket blues”, LP “Bananamour" (Harvest, 1973), but you can also find it
on the live album “June, 1, 1974" (Island, 1974) with a GREAT solo by one great axeman that the world has lost, Ollie Halsall]

Virtual kiss from your Dame Vanessa :-))


Anonymous said...

Hi Dame Vanessa,

where do I send my e-mail adress to stay unpublished?

Yours truly,

Blackmask said...

Hello dear Janez, thanks for your message.
You can post your ddress here in this space of the comments. I moderate EVERY single comment and I decide which to publish, so you and all the other friends don't risk anything.

Till soon

Your Dame Vanessa :-)))

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's going on here based on your message, but wanted to let you know I just discovered your site today. This is a GREAT contemporary/prog folk site; I know a lot of these records and you have good taste.

I also learned something, since I didn't know Trees had a live album. Excellent!

I hope things work out for your site, and I'll be back. Not sure what I can offer other than comments and moral support, but you have those :-).


Prog Folk Researcher

Ergie said...

Dear Dame :) I loving it :) I miss YOU and joy of music which you kindly decided to share with us :) How sad this blog can be closed soon.... Meanwhile let me feel embrace of Yours gloves and gothic glance from above....Mousie XXXX

Blackmask said...

Dear Ergie, thanks for your long time friendship and dedication... Kisses and love for you too, yours ever

Dame Vanessa

Blackmask said...

Dear Clem, please write me again giving me your email add, one kiss for you from
Dame V.

tulare said...

Dear Dame Vanessa
There will always people trying to undermine you and insult you.As there will people like me who just love music and thank people like you for posting it and shareing it with us.

maeshyfryd said...

I notice that you don't publish the full mails I sent you ? !! That to me is censorship and the big brother mentality - which oddly enough along with littering and avoiding the draft is what Alice's Restaurant was about - rather ironic would'nt you say !! I work for the PRS by the way !!!

Blackmask said...

Waiting for your email addresses, dear Clem and Tulare, come alive soon, ciao

Dame V