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Dec 8, 2009


With the necessary time, I would have posted the following albums and many many more:
God bless Martin Cockerham
SPIROGYRA - St. Radigunds (B & C, 1971)
Pity for you, in case you still don't know this LP

The masterwork of the masterworks:
SPIROGYRA - Bells boots & shambles (Polydor, 1973)

PRELUDE - Dutch courage (Dawn, 1974)
So beautiful and so impossible...!

ALLAN TAYLOR - Sometimes (United Artists, 1972)

JIMMIE SPHEERIS - Isle of view (CBS, 1972) (UK and USA edition) (the standard definition of folk-singer doesn't maybe fit Jimmie Spheeris, but what an inspired lovely song carver, how much intimacy in his albums!... Don't be misled if you see the names of Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke or John Goodsall, the axeman of Brand X, on the covers...! Unfortunately, Jimmie left us in 1984 )

JIMMIE SPHEERIS - The dragon is dancing (CBS, 1974) (see note above)

AL STEWART - Bed sitter images (CBS, 1967)
(these songs exist already on CD, but this is the mono version of the album, )

WIZZ JONES - same (United Artsts, 1969)

WIZZ JONES - The legendary me (Village Thing, 1970)

WIZZ JONES - Happiness was free (Intercord, 1975)

HAMISH IMLACH - The two sides of HI (Transatlantic)

HAMISH IMLACH - Murdered ballads (Transatlantic, 1973)

Great artwork, glorious label, glorious year, great session men...!
yes, but one of the worst LPs I ever heard: PAUL KENT - P. C. Kent  (B & C, 1971)

GORDON GILTRAP - Testament of time  (Decca, 1971)
extraordinary, unfortunately he didn't repeat this kind of intriguing guitar style...

EWAN MacCOLL - The English and Scottish popular ballads
(F. J Child ballads) - 3 LPs (Folkways, 1961)

YETTIES - All at sea (Argo, 1973)
This for me is the best Yetties LP, powerful sea shanties,
"The mermaid" on top! (...wish she was!)

YETTIES - Up in arms (Argo, 1974)
(the one I like the least, must say.... But still a good one)

Outer sleeves: - USA version (above, on Paramount) and UK

Inner sleeves - UK version (above ) and USA
The USA came in colours, the UK in black-n-brown
The two editions differ for one song

RALPH McTELL - Easy (Warner Bros. 1975)

RALPH McTELL - Streets... (Warner Bros. 1976) the UK edition

RALPH McTELL - Streets of London  (Kicking Mule, 1978)
This is the 2nd USA edition, the first was on 20th Century Fox,
but it's exactly the same album as "Streets..."

RALPH McTELL - Right side up (Warner Bros. 1976)
(this is the original cover, not another one that you can find in some other blog around...)
Melody Maker advertising Ralph McTell 's album "Right side up", 6 Nov. 1976

RALPH McTELL - Ralph, Albert & Sydney (Warner Bros. 1977)
fabulous live album

RALPH McTELL - Slide away the screen (Warner Bros. 1979) album of watery country songs, but still a valid one.
Great solos and work by Jerry Donahue!....

BEECHMONTS - In a concert of folk songs (Fortuna, 1965?)
(the original label was this, not 'Treasure', as some online seller tries to make you believe!)

PROVIDENCE - Ever sense the dawn (Threshold, 1972)

SINGSPIEL - same (RCA, 1975)

DR. STRANGELY STRANGE - Kip of the serenes (Island, 1969)

DR. STRANGELY STRANGE - Heavy petting (Vertigo,1970)

PADDY REILLY - The fields of Athenry

JOHNNY ASHCROFT - Little boy lost (EMI Columbia 1959 or 60)

HARVEY ANDREWS - Friends of mine (Cube, 1973)

HARVEY ANDREWS & GRAHAM COOPER - Fantasies from a corner seat

IMPLOSION - same  (Amtal, 1980)
ANGELS COMPANY - Land of my youth


DRIFTWOOD - same  (Decca, 1970)
LEPRECHAUNS - Irish folk songs (Emerald, 1965)

JOHN JAMES - Morning brings the light

ALEX HOOD - The Wallaby track (EMI Axis, 1968?)

BLOODWOOD - Man made music

BLOODWOOD - Still battlin'  (EMI,1984?)

GRAEME ALLWRIGHT - same  (Mercury, 1967)
(Alan Stivell, still named Alan Cochevelou, plays here)

The exact and complete title of this album is.......... "JAMES COOK'S FIRST VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD, H. M. BARK ENDEAVOUR 1768 - 1771 - Produced by RCA Limited, Australia, 1971, in association with the Bank of New South Wales", for the 200th aniversary of Australia's offcial discovery. Readings by Nigel Lovell, beautiful folk songs by BLACK PLUS RED

.. And this is one side of the poster that's included in the LP


RICHMOND - Frightened


MICHAEL McGEAR - Woman (Island, 1972)
(...does any1 else know who's this woman and what does she do in this pic?)

EMTIDI - Saat (Pilz, 1973)

PINE ISLAND - Live inside

KAREN BETH - The joys of life

BARBARA DICKSON - From the beggar's mantle... fringed with gold
(Decca, 1973)
the last album before going commercial...

HILLSIDERS - Our country  (Polydor Moonshine, 1973)


 And last, comes "my" little book, the fruit of 10 years of hard core searchings, it had started as a simple sum of album lists of various authors' records, but eventually turned to be something gigantic, and it wasn't possible anymore to keep a block of 100000 flying scrapbook leaflets, I was going crazy... So, I made it in 1984, house-printed in 5 copies, for myself & a few friends whom I was now and then playing folk music with... This small book contained a lot of impossible discographies, extremely detailed. At that time I was still searching for some LPs, I wasn't yet the relaxed "appeased" Folk lover that I am now. Well, it was the biggest mistake I could ever do, to let it tour around! In the space of 3 - 4 months, lots of folk-hunters were on the barricades, all want-lists were suddenly full of these album titles, with all the details that I had given. Needless to say, that was the point where prices started to lift.... the rest is history :-)   



Anonymous said...

Dearest Dame Vanessa,
how can it be that such a strong and charismatic woman like you gives up because of a miserable blackmail? Is this what I shall believe?
All my positive energy - Gurnemanz

Blackmask said...

ALAN writes (edited post):
Hi Vanessa,

Nice one, I'd looked at that damn picture a thousand times, if it had have been any more obvious it would have got up and bit me LOL.

One up to you!!!!

I don't know what to say about the blog. I feared it might come to this, I've seen it happen so many times to good blogs.
I suspect the only answer if you wish to continue, and I would fully understand if you didn't want to, is to go private.
I hope you don't give up, I think you've got the makings of a really good and novel blog, and I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you Vanessa, you didn't deserve this after all the work you've put in. Please don't disappear forever.

Best wishes


Blackmask said...

KAREL writes (edited post):

Dear Vanessa,
Sorry to see you go!
But as I told you before I'll respect your decision. It should have been fun, no struggle...
I wish you all the best and it was a pleasure to 'know' you...
(yes, I was one of those who forgot to download Vivaldi....)
and I still 'love' you....
maybe we'll 'meet' again...


Blackmask said...

ANONYMOUS writes (edited post):

Incredible Blog! and da shadow of DMCA is always present. Isn´t a pity? don´t share da music dat we all love long. It´s a sad new of today.
I only hope best wishes 4 u.
My e-mail is...
thanks in advance

Blackmask said...

I just answer to you all "thank you for existing"! And I quote that beautiful song by Fairport: "Time will show the wiser" :-))

Also, thanks to you Niall for your incredibly gentle and absolutely unexpected email, which I don't wanna publish because it's unfair that you put the whole blame on yourself... You are probably just one more man with too little time available, and this is something that happens to everyone :-)) please send me your address, ok?

*Heart in hand*, kiss to all :-))

Yours Vanessa

Blackmask said...

And my dear Alan, you who are the main Maze-Cracker, this is just PVT for you, one new enigma, that I will pose you in private.. just think about it, reckoning all pros and cons, at the very end, who gains and who loses indeed...? Who piloted who? ;);)
Wait for my email, Kiss, your Vanessa

Phil said...

Dear Vanessa,
I am truly sorry that you have been subjected to such abuse and filth from what must be very sick people. Your only consolation can be that your life must be so much happier than theirs.

Thank you for the attempt to spread joy and happiness through the music you shared with us. Unfortunately I never did manage to crack the password, even with all your clues, so the music remains unheard, but the anticipation of hearing it was almost as good.

Perhaps a private, invited blog would be the answer to your problems? If you do ever go that way, please let me know how I could join.

All the best for the future,

Phil from Australia

Blackmask said...

It's thanks to mails of Friends, dear Phil, that one feels his/her life better than others... and your email is one of them... :-)) So please, write me again and send me your address... and don't forget that Xmas is about to come ...
One kiss from your

Dame V.

Blackmask said...

JANISFARM writes (edited post):

Dear Vanessa, friends
I am very sorry to hear about the death of this blog, which was a sun beam for me everyday.(in fact the existance of this blog made me think of start blogging again). I am quite sure that the death of the blog does not mean the death of the music we love and i think we will all meet again somewhere else, where we all feel better, whitout (...) enemies. All this music is about is love, and love cannot be prisoned. It has to spread around to survive. So i hope it won't be long before we get new feelings from the music we love and is somewhere lost but not forgoten.

My best wishes for your next moves ...Vanessa and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EFFORDS, MUSIC, LOVE AND POSITIVE ENERGY

Blackmask said...

LEFTHANDLUKE writes (edited post):

Hello my dearest darling,
just got your message, sad to hear you have been overrun by the lower forces of this world. Dont let the bastards get you down...!!
My email is ...
Luke, my dear Friend!!
be sure, the bastards haven't yet noticed that they themselves dig the hole they're in :-))
It's a matter of who manipulates who
Big KISS, your Dame Vanessa

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a music blog;only a forum for blas blas of people magazine readers.Comments certainly censured ;ah the good old time of Greece colonels era.It's good you stop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa,

It was really lovely to see you tilt at this most arduous of windmills. For all of the internets most vaunted benefits, I believe we are seeing its uglier face arising. Its disconnect from people allows that worst abastract of one another to grow. A very sad state of affairs. Hopefully at the kernal of what we love - folk music - is that ideaof communal participtation.

Play on, to the sweet sounds. It was a good attempt.


Justme said...

All The best. It's a terrible shame you have been driven from the "blog world", but i fully understand and respect your decision. All the best and hopefully you will find joy and peace.


Anonymous said...


Funny story: I was talking to a good Scottish friend of mine about the Alec Campbell-"Live in Kopnhavn" Album and he told me that AC's Danish girlfriend is still alive!! She's 90 now, with some stories to tell.. My friend goed see her when ever they're touring DK..

Anonymous said...

Cara Vanessa,è stato un piacere condividere con te questi giorni di blog.Io,e non credo di essere solo, ho percepito il tuo entusiasmo,la tua passione musicale,il tuo amore disinteressato nel condividere musica e cultura con altri.Grazie.Il mio augurio è che gli insulti da te ricevuti si trasformino in fiori coloratissimi e profumati.A presto,bacio,Fabio

GHERA said...

Cara Vanessa,
Mi dispiace che tu abbia dovuto rinunciare nell'impresa di dar vita a un tuo Blog molto personale, originale, divertente e di qualità.
E' comunque stato un piacere, ancora complimenti

Browns said...

Well, this was one big con, wasn't it? Fun & games... Reminds us of a certain Hans and his blogmeister delusions.

Manila said...

Dear Vanessa,

I posted a comment yesterday but I guess it didn't get through. I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear you are putting up the shutters for good. Most of the albums you posted were never likely to be reissued and were only of interest to a scattered few (I was really looking forward to a couple of the upcoming ones), so I don't see how the complainers helped anyone. I certainly don't believe they are music lovers. I mean, with all the music blogs out there they chose to pick on one that specialised in obscure folk albums?! Neither do they have reason to feel proud of themselves. Getting a blog like this closed down doesn't require brains, just a spiteful personality. But then we all know there are a lot of people out there who seriously need to get a life.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts. They were much appreciated. Hopefully you'll pop up again somewhere. If not, well, we'll meet on the ledge, babe.


Blackmask said...

Dear Manila my friend, no, I'm sorry, there was no other post from you in the box except this, for sure the other got lost in space...
Very realisitic and capillar anaylisis of yours, I'm glad that you found the way to explain it, because as to me, in these days, I only want to find my peace back and take it easy. Anyway, my friend, don't ever forget that..... heaven can wait ;-)))
Till soon, thanks again & one big KISS.
Yours, Vanessa

Blackmask said...

NIALL writes (edited text):

Dear Vanessa, When you ever get around to writing the book on Male aggression to female bloggers, you know whom to put on your list... I never realised one of your protagonists claimed me as YOU, now there's irony.
I would only be too pleased to be on your list of friends, your understanding of the human frailty towards frustration, is spot on (then again it should be inate to us all!)
Anyhow life is just a great reason to explore more life.... your folks would love your bottle... love from Ireland, again,

Blackmask said...

Dear Niall, I'm happy that this time I can publish your email, and also that suddnely a direct channel for mutual comprehension is opened now.
Fundamentally (and it's once again irony GGG) I shall be grateful to the army of the mindless assholes, because - as I said in one of my news - they themselves gave me the chance to make myself new friends :-) And for sure you are one of them.
Don't forget, Niall, Christmas is coming... ;);)
Your Vanessa

Blackmask said...

PHIL FROM AUSTRALIA writes (edited text):

Dear Vanessa,
Thank you for your kind reply. (...) Merry Xmas, and a Happy New Year. Keep up the George Cross spirit from Malta.
Phil from Australia

Blackmask said...

for = = > JUSTME
Please, send me again your address, it got lost among thousand other emails that I'm receiving.. I can't keep it up with all of them!!...


Innocent Bystander said...

Dear Vanessa

It has been great to have the opportunity to meet you via your blog. I hope that your Vinyl Hall continues to grow. I look forward to hearing from you via e-mail.

Best wishes

Innocent Bystander

Todd said...

hi vanessa,

sorry about what happened to your blog! theis place was going to be getting my full attention because of all these attractive posts. but there's a question i can't figure out how to find the answer... is there still a way to get the passwords?

all the best and augen nach vorn ;)

Anonymous said...

I regret that the guessing/finding/hunting for the password is not my cup of tea. Well, I'll just delete the files I downloaded in anticipation of the password that was going to be posted.
Thanks for the effort but for me this has simple been a waste of time and bandwidth.
Maybe KIS (Keep It Simple) is of use for your future endeavors?

Blackmask said...

Lieber Herr Todd, bitte, schreib mir wieder & sende mir deine email address, okay?
Kiss, Vanessa

Blackmask said...

Dear Anonymous (KIS),
I understand you perfectly! You and many more visitors as disappointed as you are. The problem is this: in the case I had rendered the Passwords public, now I would have the kops at my door, thanks to the spionage of some frustrated miserable dropouts. That's why it was ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY that I'd shielded myself in advance putting PWs on my files. I repeat: ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY.
You understand?
Anyway, I'm not cross with you, despite the 'tone' of my answer, so please, write me again giving me your PVT email address, ok? There's always time for deletions... ;)
Thank you, your Vanessa

Blackmask said...

ANONYMOUS writes (edited text)

Hi Vanessa, I am looking forward to get an answer from you =) Wish you a nice weekend and thanks in advance and for your kindly efford in sharing feelings/emotions with music we love!!!

Lovely greetz, T

Anonymous said...

Hey Van,

still looking forward to get mail from you =)

Nice greetz,


Blackmask said...

Dear Todd, I didn't forget about you, but I still am away from home... We'll get in touch after Xmas :-)

Kiss, your Dame Vanessa

Niall said...

Vanessa, Its Christmas Eve, and Santa is about to hit our shores in the next few hours.
So before I hit the hay,i want to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas,and a fantastic 2010.
You are a bright light in this ever cynical world,thanks for your work and may there be more down the road ???



Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa:

WOW what an album collection. I grew up listening to many of these musicians from the British Isles. I had almost forgotten what a diverse mix of talent there was.

If you should decide to rise again, like the mythical phoenix, or go private, appreciate if you could let me know.

My email address is

Take care.


gkapageridis said...

What can anyone say but it is very sad indeed not to have this great blog around. Anyway take car . I wish you all the best. And by the way from your collection i believe you are a very special person by all means. Thanks a lot hope to learn from you soon

Blackmask said...

Dear gkapageridis, thanks for your kind word, especially those about my personality, it's flatterin me and making me happy... As I said sometimes ago, it takes good ears to listen to good music, and the same goes for sentiments :-))
I see you are a blogger as well? How comes I can't find a link to your "domain"? Would you write me again giving me your email address (of course it won't be published), so that we can stay in contact?
Thanks, Dame V.

Terry said...

Greetings Vanessa
Many many thanks for Michael Chapman, a couple of albums I haven't heard in years and haven't been able to find elsewhere. A great blog, and such a shame you had to close it due to the actions of some intellectually-challenged moron.


Anonymous said...


Can you tell me please where and how I can buy the album Erin the Green by Sean Cannon.
I want to buy it for one of my music-friends.

Like to hear from you.

Kind regards from the Netherlands.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cuntess Vagina, You are one stupid and lazy bitch! This is a worthless blog as are you!

Blackmask said...

LOL "Cuntess Vagina", hey this is really great, I love it, besides I am Lesbian, therefore... :)
By the way, Anonymous, the only stupid - and asshole, moreover - here can be nobody but you, because looks like you're the only one who didn't understand the procedure to obtain the links for the downloads, LOL!